Riverview Community Garden


The gardens located at Lorings Crossings and East River Road have been in existence for many years.  We have nearly two acres of fenced in land.  

A number of things make us unique. First, our gardens are protected by metal fencing. They are ready to plant, we plow and drag in the fall. Most plots are 15 x 20'. They are not raised beds. We have water available and are strictly organic.  

Requirements are that the garden users pay $25 before planting to cover the prep costs. What you bring in you take out, we do not wish to remove trash.  We ask that if you plant a garden you are expected to take care of it and reap your results.  We ask that a portion of your yield be donated to a food bank.  The biggest rule is that if you start a garden you finish it.  Otherwise you are not invited to return next year.  

We have about 10 plots available this year.  I can be contacted for further information through this email address.


Charles Sheridan